Image Top 3 Food and Wine Experience in New Zealand

Top 3 Food and Wine Experience in New Zealand

Top 3 Food and Wine Experience in New Zealand

New Zealand is well-known for its large agriculture that plays a very important role in the growth of the country's economy. The country is home to innumerable farms for sheep and beef.

It also has a very high production rate in the case of plums, grapes and oysters in almost all over the country. All this makes New Zealand one of the world's best destinations for food and wine.

It allows visitors to experience a variety of food and drink experiences.

Some of the best food and wine experience that you can enjoy in the country

1. Shopping at the farmers' market

If you want to experience the fresh food with lower price, farmers' markets are the best destination for you. The places are designed as great centers for farmers to sell their own products directly to customers.

A Farmer's market includes arts, crafts and many handmade things but it is also the place where producers advertise and sell a large variety of local food and drink with cheaper price.

Farmers' market shopping is one of the best ways to experience the best foods of New Zealand. Different food production from different regions can be discovered at these platforms. For examples vegetables, fruits, bread, coffe. To give an idea about where to shop, here are some of the best places for farmers' foods. 

  • Matakana Farmers Market 
  • Harbourside Market 
  • Wellington Harbourside Market 
  • Hawke's Bay Farmers Market 
  • Lyttelton Farmers' Market 
  • Nelson Farmers' Market 
  • Bay of Islands Farmers' Market

2. Going wine tasting

Taking New Zealand wine tours means that you will discover different exquisite wines, fine cuisine and inspiring stories and facts about the wine and wine regions in of New Zealand.

All you have to do is book your wine tour in order to discover and taste the wine experience of the best wineries in the different regions of the country.

You will guide to meet the vineyard owners and winemakers to experience the knowledge of the wine production. You have many choices depending on your favorite grape varietal and regions you want to explore. Among the best places of wine production where you can experience New Zealand's wine are: 

  • Marlborough 
  • Hawke's Bay 
  • Auckland 
  • Waiheke Island 
  • Gisborne 
  • Gisborne 
  • Central Otago

3. Taste the flavor of the sea

Thanks to the large coastlines boarded by vast ocean, New Zealand is rich in seafood. Visiting New Zealand without experiencing the taste of seafood can be considered as incomplete.

Seafood can be found almost all over the country and it is one of the best enjoyable things why visitors adore visiting New Zealand.

Crayfish, bluff oysters, whitebait and green shells, Mt Cook Salmon, scallops are among the must-eat seafood of all regions in New Zealand.

Travel to New Zealand to enjoy food and wine experience

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