Image Culinary specialities to discover in New Zealand

Culinary specialities to discover in New Zealand

Culinary specialities to discover in New Zealand

New Zealand is an Island country in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, in East Australian area. New Zealand is a good food destination thanks to its culinary specialities that are spread across the word because of the tourism. The cuisine is mainly based on British, new American, Asian and Maori culture. Anyway, the island has its specific way of cooking that is largely made of local ingredients and seasonal variations. Many restaurants and hotels that collaborate with Opodo, an online travel agency; will give you the chance to taste the best food of the country.

Some culinary specialities to discover in New Zealand

  •  Hangi: It is a very special dish of New Zealanders. They are used to having this special food during special events. It takes a very long time to make it because of the slow way of cooking. The main ingredients of the food are chicken, pork, and mutton with various vegetables that are cooked together in an underground oven.
  •  Kiwi burger: This is one of the specific dishes that you should try in New Zealand. It is mainly made of fried eggs, beetroot and burger patties. But some other ingredients can be put in it to adjust the flavor.
  •  Pavlova: It is one of the most appreciated desserts in New Zealand. It includes creamed meringues with an assortment of fresh fruit like kiwi and strawberry. It has sweet flavor and good fragrance. The Pavlova is also healthy. You may see this recipe during special events like Christmas in New Zealand.
  •  New Zealand's seafood: New Zealand has a large variety of fish and seafood. Fish and chips is one of the visitors' favorite food during their holidays. It is made with a variety of seafood like hoki, terakihi, scallops, and squid rings that are deeply fried. It is a good food that you can enjoy while hanging out and surfing at the beach.
  •  Hokey Pokey: When you look for a good ice cream during the hot weather, buy Hokey Pokey. Hokey Pokey is the most appreciated ice cream in New Zealand. It is a must-try for people who visit New Zealand. It is mainly flavored by vanilla ice cream with toffee that makes it a delightful and sweet cream.
  •  Lamb: New Zealand is a big exporter of meat, especially in the case of sheep. This is why lamb is one of the commonest Kiwi foods of the island. It is not believable that a visitor who comes to New Zealand does not taste it. It is often included in the menu of high-end Kiwi restaurants. New Zealanders have a special way of roasting lamb thanks to a very long experience for hundreds years.

Traveling to New Zealand

It is a very big opportunity to people to visit this very nice Kiwi land. Traveling to New Zealand will allow you to discover many things that you have never experienced in your local country. You can check Opodo's website to get more information about your travel and stay. The Agency offers a large number of services about travels to many countries of the globe.

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